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As many more (and ignorant) people than ever are finding their way to my favorite country, it is quickly becoming apparent that their knowledge of the Belize Flora & Fauna, Marine life, the various Cultures and ESPECIALLY the HAZARDS are severely lacking. After having guided people on trips through Belize & Guatemala for several decades, I have put together this knowledge base to give you a quick start guide to start to understanding the diversity of Belize.

Please understand this XKB Knowledge Base is  a huge undertaking and is by no means complete. If I haven't added my data and my personal pictures of a species, you will be able to click on the Latin Name which will take you to a WIKI WWW Link (if one is available, it will be underlined). When I do add my own personal info and pix, you can then click on the Common Belize Name if it is underlined and and that will be linked to my data. As this evolves I will keep adding to it as I can, so please be patience, sit back and enjoy Belize!  

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