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Belize Bruce has been leading trips, ECO-Xperiences, Primitive Skills

& Jungle Bush Craft throughout Belize for over a decade.

Belize Bruce, a national citizen of Belize has lived with the Mayans, East Indians, Garifuna & Kriol people while exploring the Belize Jungles, Villages, Cayes, Ruins & Beaches for decades!

He also specializes in construction, building & design, solar energy & alternative fuels. He has designed & built several tropical award winning resorts in Belize, plus numerous house construction in Belize, Los Angeles, Texas, North Carolina & New England. He specializes in designing, installalations & sales of solar energy systems specifically engineered for 3rd world countries.


Belize Bruce has played several national music tours of Belize & can be seen frequently playing all over the country.



In addition to Belize Bruce’s deep knowledge from his own personal experience, he has developed a group of Expert Guides & Elders to help you learn from the true Belize Bush Masters, Master Herbalists plus the best of the best Jungle & Ocean Guides.